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With more than 100 years of combined experience in the Veterinarian field, we have completed thousands of customized trainings projects in different operation departments.


We help our clients to engage & educate your leadership team (in Spanish & English) on the correct & humane care of your animals. We are able to do this by working hands-on along with the leadership team & middle managers when they are performing their daily duties, thus, we will ensure the applicability of the different technical trainings provided.

We Can Help YOU & your Employees on:


  • Correct use of drugs, vaccines, etc 

  • Animal Welfare

  • Cow handling/Stockmanship

  • Identifying sick cows 

  • Down Cow*

  • Milk Quality & Milking routine*

  • Calving*

  • Colostrum collection & feeding*

  • Reproduction (Bovine & Equine)*

  • A.I. Schools

  • Fresh Cow Management

  • Hospital Management

  • Feeding Management

  • Calves raising

  • Safety for both: People & Animals 

Our Custom Services:


  • On site work

  • Customized Animal Health Program Implementation

  • Develop Accountability Forms per Area (easy follow-up forms)

  • Training & Workshops in All Areas: Reproduction, Maternity, Mastitis, etc

  • Technical Translation Service

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