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Talentum 4 knows the Agri-Business industry and has developed several customizable programs to attend the specific needs of your company & your leadership team. Our different programs go from Executive Leadership to Team Dynamics to Communication Strategies



Our program helps you develop a vision, align it with the organization and execute it throughout your company. We use a variety of tools that will help you diagnose what kind of leader you are and how you & your leaders influence your organization


When teams work effectively, everyone wins and your organization shines. We can help your team become “a cohesive team” by using the successful team-building model created by Patrick Lenceoni. We are accredited facilitators of this effective model and can diagnose where your team is and help you to move it forward & upward 


The majority of supervisors & managers lack the leadership & supervisory skills to fulfill their positions. For example, most fail to delegate and as a result they find themselves fighting burnout, others are struggling with time management with the same results. Our leadership development programs will help them learn the art of delegation, develop potential leaders, engage & motivate people to a higher level of productivity.


We believe that any organization must be managed & strengthened to become a great business within your industry. Among the tools we use to accomplish this you will find the application of the EOS model that provides a visual illustration of 6 key components of any business: Vision – Data – Process – Traction – Issues – People

Lack of communication or miscommunication costs organizations & industry millions of dollars each year. To communicate effectively first we need to understand the Human Behavior & the different styles people have when exchanging information. We will help you overcome communications barriers and improve communication skills, learning active listening & understanding the different styles of behavior
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